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    Eagle Mountain Saginaw-ISD students have the opportunity to self-reflect, plan, and consider their strengths and areas of improvement via on-going Counseling guidance lessons and goal setting opportunities in their classrooms that bolster a growth mindset.  This type of direction will help students build their Personal Education Plan.  ccSpark! and Career Cruising (Xello) have the capability to store some of the components of the student's Personal Education Plans.  All students will utilize ccSpark! and Career Cruising to work on exploring their possibilities and expanding their interests throughout their academic career K-12.     
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    Learn more about Career Cruising or Xello, coming in 2018, and ccSpark! by visiting the websites.  Xello 2018 will be an updated CC version that will meet accessibility standards.  EMS-ISD will continue evaluating the ccSpark! program.
    www.careercruising.com          Xello           ccSpark!
    Student Guided Tour Handout: English or Spanish