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Personalized Course Selection

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What is it?

   Personalized Course Selection will allow current high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors, as well as current 8th grade students, to customize their own class schedules for next school year using their Student Access account on Skyward. 
   The intention is to give students more control over their high school academic experience through an easier, more streamlined process.  In most cases, this will allow students and parents to place classes, electives, and lunch periods at available times that work best for the individual student. Additionally, this will allow counselors to focus more on assisting students in achieving their graduation plans and planning for their future.
Click here to view a student-created video about Personalized Course Selection. 

When is it happening?

Career Cruising Course Requests 
Current Grade Date
Juniors & Sophomores Jan 23 - Feb 10
8th Grade Feb 13 - 17
Personalized Course Selection
Current Grade   Date
 Juniors March 27 - 29
 Sophomores April 3 - 5
 Freshmen April 17 - 19
 8th Grade April 24 - 26


How can I do it?

Personalized Course Selection is happening online. Watch the video below for instructions:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Click here to view a list of FAQs and answers.